Case Study


Venmar is a market leader designing and selling innovative products that improve air quality and home comfort, including range hoods, ventilation and filtration systems, and central vacuums.

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The Challenge

Like so many product manufacturers, supply chain issues resulted in some key lines being out of stock for a number of months. Understandably, the Lowe’s Canada replenishment team took these items off the replenishment manifest. However, when the items came back into supply, they were not flagged as available so three weeks later there was still no stock on order and no stock in transit!

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The Solution

Using some seasonally relevant sales history at the store / SKU level, the Venmar team were able to use the Krunchbox Allocator to generate a recommended initial order to re-supply stores with an appropriate model stock to kick start sales and the replenishment system. The Lowe’s replenishment team were grateful to be advised of the opportunity and accepted the recommended order. 

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“It can be tricky keeping tabs on the hundreds of products we have listed at Lowe’s and other retailers. However, krunchbox makes it easy for us to track product performance and trends, as well as supply chain data, including our own warehouse position. That keeps us on the front foot when working closely with our retail buyers and planners.”
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