The Top 5 Tools to Make You a Better, More Productive Sales Analyst

The best technology tools make your job as a Sales Analyst easier and more productive. We’ve put together some tools that will help transform your workflow for the better. These tools assist you in managing tasks and time, communicating and collaborating with colleagues, and making efficient sales and inventory decisions.


Wunderlist is an app that helps you manage all your work related to-dos. Its shared to-do lists allow you to collaborate and communicate with your team on projects. Assign to-dos, set due dates and reminders, and receive updates on team progress without meetings. This app makes it easy to complete tasks and meet deadlines.


Boomerang is an email productivity tool for Gmail. Write emails and schedule them to be sent at a later date. It makes following up easy by reminding you if you don’t hear back from an email and by taking messages out of your inbox and putting them back when you actually need them. Boomerang has an AI assistant to help you write better emails in real time.

Google Slides

Google Slides lets you create and edit presentations online that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Collaborate with others on the same presentation – share, edit, chat, and comment in real time. All changes are automatically saved and you can see a revision history. With a variety of themes, fonts and templates to pick from, Google Slides makes giving a presentation easier.

Marinara: Pomodoro Assistant

Marinara is a time management assistant that follows the Pomodoro Technique of using a timer to break down work into intervals (pomodoros) spaced out by short breaks. It trains you to focus your attention for short periods therefore increasing productivity. Marinara lets you manage your pomodoros and breaks and provides you a history and stats to monitor your workflow.


Krunchbox is a simple to use, cloud-based business intelligence tool that shortens time to action by letting you analyze your sales data in real-time so you can make speedy decisions. You no longer need to spend weeks analyzing one set of data. Krunchbox helps you identify opportunities as they come in allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive. Krunchbox delivers critical insights on your sales channels, highlighting the trends between and across channels, vertically and horizontally, so that you can act quickly.

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