Building an Effective Retail Analytics Program

This eBook, inspired by insights from retail analytics experts, covers the five pillars of building an effective analytics program. From creating a data-centric culture to engaging executives and empowering teams with the right tools and knowledge, you’ll learn how to lay the groundwork for insightful analytics.

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How to Increase Sales at Your Lowest Performing Stores

You know which of your stores are performing poorly, but do you know the why behind the low sales figures and how to address it? Point-of-sale data is...

Analyzing Your Walmart POS Data

As a supplier, Walmart’s Retail Link system gives you access to a sophisticated and extensive database of critical point-of-sale (POS) data. It’s...

Picking the Loser in the US-China Trade War

There is no shortage of newspaper columns filled with speculation about the possible consequences of a trade war between the US and China. As with any...

Trade Shows and Connecting With Your Buyer

There are plenty of reasons to go to a trade show; they are busy events full of opportunity to sell more product and build relationships. Companies...

What is Inventory Optimization?

  Analyzing Your Point-of-Sale Data: The Key to Inventory Optimization As a retail supplier or wholesaler, return on investment is a critical...

Be a Proactive Supplier: Analyzing Your AutoZone POS Data

You should be doing more to take advantage of the point-of-sale data provided to you as an AutoZone vendor. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the amount...

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