Building an Effective Retail Analytics Program

This eBook, inspired by insights from retail analytics experts, covers the five pillars of building an effective analytics program. From creating a data-centric culture to engaging executives and empowering teams with the right tools and knowledge, you’ll learn how to lay the groundwork for insightful analytics.

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What factors influence product assortment in stores?

We are often asked by suppliers, what determines which products get ranged in which stores and how can we influence the decision? In reality, the...

The Power of Sell-Through

Sell-through is important because it measures the rate at which a company is selling its inventory, which is a key metric for assessing the...

Keeping Product in Stock & On Shelf

Planning inventory for a national retail chain can be a thankless task. You will always be wrong! If you don’t have enough inventory on shelf, the...

Reflections on ChatGPT in Retail

Written by  John Pitman, CEO of Krunchbox March 27th, 2023   Let’s be honest. There is a lot of hype surrounding OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Hundreds if...

Behind The Pretty Visuals

Behind every stunning visualization lies a complex data engineering process. Without the correct data cleanup and modeling steps, a data analyst...

Leaving Business on the Table

Understanding store distribution is a seemingly innocuous component of any retail replenishment analysis for consumer brands. Often overlooked, or...

Retail Calendars

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