Building an Effective Retail Analytics Program

This eBook, inspired by insights from retail analytics experts, covers the five pillars of building an effective analytics program. From creating a data-centric culture to engaging executives and empowering teams with the right tools and knowledge, you’ll learn how to lay the groundwork for insightful analytics.

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Supply Chain Visibility – Looping in the Retail Customer

by Mike Brown VP, Business Development July 5, 2021   Supply Chain disruptions have affected the customer experience a great deal over the past...

Retail Planning – Planning for 2022

by Mike Brown VP, Business Development August 31, 2021   As the retail industry starts to open up again (post covid) and business begins to...

The Top 5 Tools to Make You a Better, More Productive Sales Analyst

The best technology tools make your job as a Sales Analyst easier and more productive. We’ve put together some tools that will help transform your...

Managing Inventory II: At Retail

There are 3 absolute measures we can use when managing inventory, of which retail value is one. Whilst most retailers I’ve interacted with to date...

The Bullwhip Effect in Retail Supply Chains

Written by  John Pitman, CEO of Krunchbox March 16th, 2022 A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Caution – Bullwhip Effect Ahead” (June...

What is Business Intelligence Software?

We are all becoming ever more aware of the so called “Data Deluge.” Most retailers and wholesalers are not suffering due to lack of data, but rather...

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