Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

North America

You are about to share some of your Retail Point-of-Sale data with us so that we can show you Krunchbox loaded with your own data. We can then show you specific examples of how Krunchbox will help you grow your business.

We recognize that you data is confidential and that handing your POS data over to us requires having some protections in place. This Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement gives you a guarantee that we will treat your data with respect and confidentiality that it deserves. Your data is safe with us because our entire business model is dependent on us protecting the data you share with us.

Read through the agreement linked below, then fill in your details, ‘sign’ the document, and we will automatically send you a signed pdf copy of the agreement. It’s that simple

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
Before you can say ‘Krunch’ we will have your database built, and you will be on your way to winning ‘Vendor of the Year’*!