Are you a product supplier to retail? Unleash the true power of your retail data to streamline your business, enhance your retailer relationships, optimize inventory, and ultimately drive sales.

At krunchbox we aggregate and clean POS data for retail suppliers, then transform it into a web platform that provides insights to help make better decisions that drive sales and optimize inventory.

How it works

Retail Data
We automate the collection of your POS Data from any source or format including Spreadsheets, EDI, and Retailer Portals. We’re currently processing weekly data from over 200 retailers globally.

The krunchbox proprietary analytics platform help you focus on the opportunities within the data so you can optimize your supply chain, drive sales, and get your stock to where it is most needed.


Need to import clean POS data to your internal BI software or other systems? krunchbox integrates with your internal systems, saving you time and resources to focus on the insights you need.


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Why krunchbox?

Retail & Data expertise

With more than 15 years of experience handling and cleansing POS data, we understand the challenges with the perspective of deep domain expertise.


We take care of the difficult task of collating and cleaning your data, week in, week out, so your team can focus on core business activities.

ROI & Growth

krunchbox identifies the insights and appropriate actions that can’t be found on a spreadsheet, allowing you to deliver data backed suggestions to retail partners.

Long-term trust & Support

Our focus on customer support ensures every user has access to ongoing support and training to succeed.

Who is krunchbox for?

If you’re an analyst, the chances are you spend way too much time collating and harmonizing data, which distracts from the time you could be spending analyzing the data. krunchbox will collate and cleanse data for you so that you can spend more time doing what you’re best at.

If you’re in sales, you care about monitoring sales performance, trend analysis, online vs brick and mortar, out of stocks, promo activity, and so much more. krunchbox helps you focus on the exceptions and best opportunities, making you the most informed person in the room, and ensuring that retail buyers listen when you speak.

If you’re in Supply Chain, you’re likely kept awake at night by forecasts, purchase orders, warehouse inventory, in stocks, slow moving stock and much more. krunchbox gives you transparency up and down the supply chain right down to the SKU on the shelf in the store So you can have a better night’s sleep!


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