Getting started with krunchbox is easy

From set up to dashboard customization, troubleshooting to ongoing consultancy, we make it easy for you to implement krunchbox for your organization and get started making inventory decisions that maximize sales.

Onboarding process
Onboarding you as a client is easier than you think. Once the legals and commercials are put to bed, we put together a simple implementation plan, which starts with data discovery.

Time to completion depends on how many retailers you are onboarding, and
how many years of history you have. Given we already handle data from over
200 retailers globally every week, the chances are we are already familiar with your data formats, so onboarding can often be measured in weeks, not months.


We know how important and valuable your data is, so we like to get a mutual confidentiality agreement in place straight away.


In order to build your customised krunchbox data warehouse, we recommend six to eight weeks of EPOS (electronic point of sales) data from two of your retailers. Depending on your retailer, this process can take just minutes.

Add in

In order to make your data as rich as possible for the evaluation, we may ask you for additional information about your products.

Launch &

We’ll make an appointment to come to your office to train you on Krunchbox. This generally takes no more than 60-90 minutes, since the system is so simple to navigate and intuitive to use.


From your launch session, you’ll have two weeks to play with krunchbox and see for yourself just how significant your sales opportunities are, and how quickly you will be able to generate significant ROI.


Schedule a demo to try us out with real numbers that can make a real impact.

Support &

Your monthly subscription to krunchbox includes comprehensive training and support from one of the friendliest teams on the planet — and it doesn’t end after launch. We train new users, demonstrate new functionality, provide training manuals and online courses, conduct seminars, group training sessions, and even one-on-one sessions to make sure you are getting the best out of your data. We work hard to make sure you are delighted with our service.

Try krunchbox
with your own data

When you sign up for a demo, we load your own retail data into our software so that you can experience the full benefits of krunchbox for your organization.