Spend less time managing data, and more time acting on what it’s telling you.

The Challenge

We know how difficult managing retail POS data can be. We know because we process data from over 200 retailers globally every single week. It is the core of our business and we have been perfecting the process over many years. As a result, we know exactly how to collate data from multiple retailers, in different formats and differing timeframes, to normalize into a single format file.

The Solution

"Experience hassle-free data management."

A single data file
with all the data

Integrated directly to
your BI solution
Exported to ERP
Downloaded to
analyze in excel

Benefits to
using krunchbox Data Cleansing

Fast Access to all your data

Pulling data from all your retailers across multiple regions and timezones can be a logistics nightmare. Not for us. We do it seamlessly and in hours, not weeks.

Making your data shine 

Once the data comes in, we give it a bit of a facelift. It needs to be de-bugged, duplicated data needs to be corrected, inconsistencies need to be weeded out, and incomplete information needs to be addressed. 

QA Standards you can trust 

We are experts in responding to the exceptions. Data requires constant monitoring, anticipating, benchmarking and reacting to circumstances, sometimes pre-empting what we know is going to happen, and correcting the file processing before the error occurs.  Our QA processes are rigorous because they have to be.

Seamless integration

If you need to pull cleansed and normalized Point of Sale data into your ERP System, or into a third party Business Intelligence tool, we have you covered for that too. 

Data Integration

Your Data,Your Way

Whether you are importing data into an ERP system, or you want to feed clean data into a business intelligence tool, a planning system or even into a spreadsheet, we will ensure you have consistent, cleansed data delivered securely, to your specification, on time, every time. 
+ many more

Gathering POS data from all our retailer portals was a slow and time-consuming task. Since outsourcing this work to krunchbox, our team has more time to perform higher-valued tasks, and we receive consolidated and cleansed POS data files early each week, ready for import into Power BI.

Globe Electric

krunchbox has transformed the way we clean up the noise in POS data. We now have access to harmonised data, and much earlier in the week, which means we can take action faster.

Getting Started Is Easy

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