2024 POS Analytics & The Impacts of AI

This report dives into how AI solutions solve your toughest retail challenges. Retailers face several tricky challenges as we head into 2024. The past year was marked by continuing supply chain issues (with added worries stemming from geopolitical disruption), evolving and increasing consumer demands, labor shortages and more. All of these issues make the job of merchandising planning much more difficult.

Building an Effective Retail Analytics Program

This eBook, inspired by insights from retail analytics experts, covers the five pillars of building an effective analytics program. From creating a data-centric culture to engaging executives and empowering teams with the right tools and knowledge, you’ll learn how to lay the groundwork for insightful analytics.

Preparing for a Bunnings Range Review

If you are a supplier to a major national retail chain, you will have been involved in countless range reviews over the years, and they are usually accompanied by a mixture of excitement and dread. Get it right, and you may be rewarded with approval for new ranges, more facings, better locations and the prospect of higher sales orders in the coming season. Get it wrong, and you could be staring at markdown contributions, deleted ranges, reduced facings and significantly lower future orders. Get it really wrong and you could be faced with your ranges being replaced by a competitor’s products.

Bunnings Warehouse Retail Data Guide

Bunnings POS data Summary Understanding and effectively leveraging a retailer’s Point of Sale (POS) data is crucial to maximizing product performance and inventory management. When it comes to Bunnings Warehouse, one of Australia’s largest household hardware chains, their dedicated portal, BunningsConnect, provides valuable insights. However, extracting and interpreting this data requires a certain level of …

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Are You Prepared to Sell in Walmart?

A checklist for selling product in the world’s largest retailer. Selling product in Walmart is often seen as the ultimate goal for many suppliers, but shelf space in the retail giant is highly competitive. Are you doing everything you can to be prepared when you approach Walmart?