Be a Proactive Supplier: Analyzing Your AutoZone POS Data

You should be doing more to take advantage of the point-of-sale data provided to you as an AutoZone vendor. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the amount of data available, and using spreadsheets has not been the best way to timely sift through it all and find insights for your business. Or maybe you’re not analyzing the data at all and are simply at the will of your buyer, hanging on their every word and getting the short end of the deal. In either case, you’re leaving money on the table.

Let’s look at what you’re currently doing with your POS data and propose some strategies for maximizing the value of the data Autozone provides you.

Are you a proactive or reactive supplier?

The suppliers that benefit from POS data the most are those that are able to gain meaningful insights from it and use those insights to be proactive with their Autozone inventory. If you feel that you are constantly playing catch up or trying to figure out which fire to put out first, it’s time to start doing more with the data available to move from being in a reactive position to a proactive one. Your buyers will thank you, too.

How are you analyzing your AutoZone data?

The main reason suppliers end up in a reactive state is because they are spending too much time managing data and too little time analyzing and acting on it. Are you devoting most of your time to organizing data from several sources into a single format and manipulating complex spreadsheets to make sense of it all? If so, you’ve probably noticed that the data is outdated by the time you’re finally able to glean insights from it. If this is you, it’s time to change your process and use a tool that can help you aggregate all your data in one place — leading to quick, timely insights.

Replace Traditional Analysis With Modern Analysis

Instead of pouring by hand through spreadsheet after spreadsheet and spending weeks analyzing one set of data, use a point-of-sale analytics software like Krunchbox to help you quickly identify opportunities as they come in — allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive. Krunchbox gives you instant, exception-based inventory analysis, unlike traditional point-of-sale data analysis, which is difficult and slow.

Analyze Your Data in Real-Time and Shorten Your Time to Action

Retail is impacted by seasonality, trends, time of day, weather, the economy and more. With constantly changing variables, it can be a struggle for suppliers to quickly assess priorities and take action. Krunchbox’s analysis reporting and real-time alerts let you swiftly make decisions.

Let’s say you sell windshield wipers and Seattle is having record rainfall, but Phoenix is experiencing a drought. Krunchbox will alert you where your wipers are out-of-stock in Seattle AutoZone locations and where there is excessive inventory in Phoenix. This allows you to quickly free up working capital from where it is tied up and move it to where it is desperately needed so you have the right amount of stock, in the right stores, at the right time.

Gain Confidence in Buyer Meetings

Head into discussions with your AutoZone buyers looking smart and informed. Present recommendations and suggest additional orders armed with the data to back it up. Krunchbox allows you to collaborate with your AutoZone buyers to help fix out-of-stocks, weight stock for upcoming promos, identify slow moving stock and more. With Krunchbox, you have the knowledge you need to make impactful decisions that will increase sales for both you and AutoZone. Krunchbox is designed specifically to help suppliers like you stay ahead of the game.

Schedule a demo to try us out with real numbers that can make a real impact. When you sign up for a two-week demo, we load your own AutoZone point-of-sale data into our software so that you can experience the full benefits of Krunchbox and see how it can take take your business to the next level!