Identify issues or opportunities in minutes, not weeks

With the krunchbox Analytics Platform, your POS data is transformed into a concise, transparent snapshot of your retail business, with exception reports that help you prioritize, and the insights you need to answer questions on issues and opportunities in real time.

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Benefits to
using krunchbox Analytics

Speed to insights & time saving

Quadrant analysis, built-in dashboards and real-time alerts let you swiftly make decisions that can change the course of your business. With krunchbox, your time to action goes from two weeks to two minutes.

Improve collaboration with retail partners

Understand how your products are performing in every location and gain insight from krunchbox dashboards, reports and more. krunchbox helps you head into buyer meetings with confidence, knowing you have the insights you need to drive impactful decisions and tell a compelling story that benefits both you and your retailers.

Increase sales

krunchbox illuminates opportunities that can be slow to uncover with traditional spreadsheet analysis. Quickly see how you need to adjust your inventory in order to optimize sales and increase your bottom line.

Maximize supply chain efficiency

Place the right amount of stock in the right stores at the right time. As an exception-based platform, krunchbox helps allocate resources wisely and maximize the efficiency of your supply chain.

It’s not that Excel is
broken - it’s limited

Excel is still a fantastic tool, but it is not purpose designed to help you find exceptions in your POS data.​

Plug in applications help you visualize the exceptions, the opportunities and the threats. So you are on the front foot when it comes to data backed decisions.

Why should you use
krunchbox Analytics?

Reporting Internally

Heading into an internal Sales Meeting, S&OP session or a Buyer’s meeting? You better be armed with real-time data and thoughtful analysis on what’s selling, what’s not selling, why, and what are future trends? krunchbox has you covered — we’ll make you the most informed person in the room.

Retail Range Reviews & Buyer Meetings

A Range Review is a critical juncture in your relationship with your vendor. Providing last year’s sales data and highlighting what sold and why, isn’t nearly enough. You need to identify opportunities for additional sales, provide in-depth market analysis to identify sales trends and prove why your product will outpace your competitors. krunchbox Analytics can provide all of this and ensure that your Range Review helps build a stronger supplier/vendor partnership.

Inventory Planning

You’re a Planner responsible for ensuring there is sufficient inventory in the Supply Chain. A vital but difficult task — order too much and you risk excess inventory issues; under order and you damage your vendor relationships. The krunchbox Analytics Platform uses granular sell through data at the store/SKU level to help you run ‘what if’ scenarios, building sophisticated demand profiles to optimize inventory.

In Store Execution

You have a field sales team and need data to inform and drive their productivity. The krunchbox Go mobile app empowers every field resource with geo located store based insights, so you can be confident they are prioritizing the most important tasks.

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