Case Study


With more than 30 brands sold in almost 130 countries across the globe, Allegion specialise in security around the doorway and beyond: everything from residential and commercial locks, door closer and exit devices, steel doors and frames to access control and workforce productivity systems. 

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The Challenge

To effectively manage the transition in stores of a high value product with a new replacement product, and to minimise the return of old product given there is no market value on its’ return.   

The Solution

Using Krunchbox, we were able to quickly rank the stores in terms of where the existing stock of the old item was located.  We reviewed each store’s sales potential based on historic performance and then identified where it made most sense to effectively transfer stock to stores with high stock turns.   Once the analysis was complete from a purely theoretical point of view, stores were then clustered into regions to ensure our logistic and freight costs were kept to a minimum. 

In addition, using the Krunchbox Dead Stock Report, we further investigated stores which had stock but had not generated any sales in 12 weeks to validate whether the stock was physically there. The report extracts are not only intuitive but also quick and easy to send to our merchandising team for on the ground investigation.    

This process effectively saved our organisation thousands of dollars, by optimising the sell through of the remaining stock through the stores with the greatest propensity to sell it. 

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“Without krunchbox we would have been sitting on considerable dead stock and a significant liability from future markdowns. Krunchbox is a game changer!”