5 Tools That Help You Run a More Profitable Retail Supplier Business

We’ve researched five strategic tools you can use to increase sales and maximize profits in the retail industry. These tools give you the resources to make effective decisions and strengthen the relationships in your retail supplier business.


FollowUp.cc is a tool to help improve communication. Every time you open an email, you’ll see the contacts in the sidebar with all reminders connected to them and online information with data about their company. Use follow-up reminders and auto-follow-ups to easily stay in touch. See who opened a email or clicked a link so you know who’s engaged and when to follow up.


PandaDoc is a document automation tool that helps you streamline sales proposals, business contracts, and other documents with eSignatures, templates, analytics, CPQ, and CRM integrations. Design, approve, send, track, and eSign proposals and contracts that win you more business and boost your revenue.


RelSci leverages your organization’s relationship capital to find ways to access and connect to influential decision makers. This proprietary platform gives you the capability to search key decision makers at over 1 million important organizations. RelSci uses people-driven intelligence to help your business succeed.

Mindjet MindManager

MindManager is a software tool that helps you do great work faster and more easily, by communicating knowledge more effectively. MindManager allows you to work visually by transforming your unstructured ideas and data into dynamic visual mind maps and diagrams. MindManager turns your free-floating information into clear, actionable plans that drive results.


Krunchbox is a cloud-based business intelligence tool designed specifically for the retail industry to help suppliers and their retailers collaborate around point-of-sale scan data and make more effective inventory decisions. Krunchbox illuminates opportunities that can be slow to uncover with traditional spreadsheet analysis. You quickly see how you need to adjust your inventory in order to optimize sales and increase your bottom line. Quadrant analysis, built-in dashboards and real-time alerts let you swiftly make decisions that can change the course of your business. With krunchbox, your time to action goes from two weeks to two minutes. As an exception-based platform, Krunchbox helps allocate resources wisely and maximize the efficiency of your supply chain.

Demo Krunchbox with Your Own Data

Sign up for a demo to learn more about our powerful platform. Try krunchbox with your own data so that you can experience the full benefits of krunchbox for your organization. We provide you with an opportunity to evaluate krunchbox for two weeks before you decide whether to subscribe. Schedule a Demo to see how krunchbox allows you to make immediate improvements and drive incremental sales.