5 Key Stakeholders at Walmart
And How To Address Their Needs

This e-book shares how product suppliers can address the needs of key stakeholders within Walmart to be a successful partner. krunchbox had the opportunity to sit down with Rick Mangrum, former Vice President of Merchandising at Walmart USA. Amongst the many topics we covered was the importance for suppliers to think about and address the needs of the key stakeholders within Walmart in order to be a successful partner.

To say that Walmart is a large and complex organization would be an understatement. As a supplier it can be bewildering not just when pitching a concept to sell through Walmart, but equally for an incumbent supplier wanting to build a long term partnership.

With the growth of Walmart Marketplace, the supplier base has grown dramatically, with the consequence that it is only possible for a select few suppliers to have a deep relationship with their most important retail partner.

Learn how to address the needs of the various stakeholders at Walmart.

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