How AI solutions solve your toughest retail challenges

In an industry facing relentless change, retail product suppliers are at a crossroads. The challenges of today demand not just resilience but a proactive stance—where insights lead to action, and partnerships drive progress.

Krunchbox, in collaboration with Retail Dive, presents an incisive playbook that brings clarity to the retail industry’s pressing concerns. Drawing on comprehensive survey results from a spectrum of retail experts—from ground-level analysts to top-tier executives—this report is your guide through the complexity.

What you’ll uncover?

  • Uncover the Predominant Retail Hurdles of 2023: Delve into the complexities of today’s market and discover the true cost of inefficient planning.
  • Evolution of POS Data Challenges: Trace the transformation of data management pain points in an ever-advancing industry.
  • AI as the Vanguard for Retail Fulfillment: Learn why artificial intelligence isn’t just innovative—it’s essential, providing streamlined solutions for the most challenging retail fulfillment obstacles.


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